Saturday, October 11, 2014

hoist sails, matey

Today is a perfect day for an adventure.

So….the kids and I wondered around the beach looking for treasures.  The Sea was so clear this morning, compared to the choppy high waves from last week.  We sat out on the pier and watched the waves and the seagulls.  The kids jumped off into the water and splashed around.  We searched around looking for interesting things that could have been washed up after the storms from last week.  Eden found a big conch shell.
There was a bamboo raft haphazardly anchored on the pier and the girls were enamored with it.  They had so much fun sitting on it and riding the rough waves.  Only the older two were brave enough to ride. That didn't stop all their imaginations from flying high.  I pretended not to notice (they always stop if they think I'm writing down their words).  I smiled to myself at the lingo....

"hoist the sails, matey"
"I'll steer the wheel"
"I spy a pirate ship on yonder horizon"
"aye, aye Captain!"
"row faster"

It's fun to listen in on their imagination.  There really was a large container ship out at Sea and from a distance the white containers look like billowing sails!
They discovered a starfish and Moriah dove down to get it.  Brynlee was not impressed.

I love each moment with my little adventurers,

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Seaweed and Raine said...

Adventures with kids are always a fun/entertaining journey, aren't they? You captured moments of it beautifully. I love the photos - and that Starfish!!! (reminds me of when we picked up huge starfish in Vila when I was a kids (we went on a fly and build to Vanuatu - awesome memories - even if some of them are getting a bit fuzzy now - epscially how to talk pigeon english!)
Thanks for sharing your adventures Maria. :)


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