getting to know me

God Is So Good To Me.
Welcome to my site.

I'm a very happy Christian lady, and missionary wife, married to Prince Charming (from Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  After getting my college degree, I now spend my days tying on tutus, building castles out of chairs, and dressing baby dolls...all while remembering the phonics rules and burning dinner.  I love being raised by my 4 princesses - Moriah, Alexis, Eden, and Brynlee.....AND my new little guy, John Truman.  I'm a country girl from North East Missouri, USA, that God placed on a tropical island.   I love the Lord, my  handsome husby, my 4 daughters and 1 son, and life.  I miss my family overseas like crazy but try to live elbow deep in God's plan for us now.  I like pretty vintage, feminine things, I Love Lucy, the sound of the sea shore, and my rose bushes.

Things around my house can get a little messy and a little noisy but we have a blast, I hope you enjoy your visit.  Missionaries are just normal people....well maybe not normal, but regular people.  They just get to live in different places. 

We make our home in Jamaica, West Indies.  My hunky husky is pastor at
             Valley Baptist Church. 
         I’d love to show you this beautiful Island that I live on...
           the beautiful people I live with...       
and the beautiful plan that God has 
                              for Jamaica.  

I’d like to invite you to see things as if you were here with me....
                    walking in my flip flops.   
 I {heart} sugary, sweet comments and emails! Contact me at
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