jewels for the Kingdom project

 a Sunday Night Service in Valley Baptist Church, Spot Valley, Jamaica.
The lizards and frogs are croaking loudly through the open window.
  The bugs and mosquitoes are circling your ankles
and the fluorescent lights in the ceiling.
Sitting in the plain wooden folding chairs are the members.
Pastor asks for a favorite hymn request.
Ms. Cunningham timidly raises her hand.
There's no need to ask, everyone knows what song she'll request.
Soon the simple words to "When He Cometh" fill the room.
Humble, sincere voices singing to the glory of God.

One of the first ladies saved in our ministry in Jamaica is Ms. Cunningham. Affectionately called "Auntie" by my daughters.  The words to her favorite hymn are very simple and talk about God coming to gather His "jewels" or His children. 
(our daughters sitting by concrete cinder blocks
 exactly like we'll build our church with in Jamaica)

As many of you know the girls and I are currently in the States.  Prince is still in Jamaica but will be in America in a few weeks.  We are anticipating the arrival of our first little baby boy in December.  When our family returns to Jamaica our goal is to purchase land and build a more permanent church building for the church we established our first term.  To do this we need materials. While in the States I've started a new project.  

Jewels for the Kingdom Project.  

I've started making necklace, bracelet, and earring sets to sell to raise money towards our church building for Valley Baptist Church.  The Jewels for the Kingdom Project is money I'm raising to purchase concrete cinder blocks for the church building.
A church building for God's Precious Jewels.

My goal is $4,000.  It sounds like a lot but it is for a great cause.  Please pray for this project.  Currently I've had so many orders I can't keep my Etsy Shop stocked!!!  I'm working on that and hope to get some new pictures up for you soon in case any of you are interested in helping in this project.  I've been selling almost everything instantly...Praise the Lord!  I plan on keeping an update total on the side of my blog.  If anyone is interested in donating any amount to building a church building in Jamaica there is also a paypal donate button located on the top right hand corner.

To God Be the Glory,

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