my princesses and prince

Moriah is my blue eyed girl. How do I describe her? Many say, she's my little "look alike" what do you think? Poor child! She's a little mother to her sisters and any kid smaller then her. She loves pretty, fancy, expensive things...she has her Memaw's taste. She's smart, and funny, and sensitive to the needs of others. She wants everyone to be happy. Moriah taught me to be a mom.

Alexis is my hazel eyed girl (exactly the same shade as Daddy). She is part cowgirl part princess. She says often, "It's ok, mom, I'm tough." She loves to read books and play with her baby Ethel. Family is important to her. She loves learning new things and is always volunteering to be my "little helper" in the kitchen.  Alexis has taught me so much patience as she wants to know the right way to do things.

Eden is my brown eyed girl. She's the baby and she knows it. Eden loves to make us laugh and she does some pretty hilarious "tricks"...don't believe me? Ask her sisters. Eden tries so hard to be "just like her sisters" and if they "jump off the roof" there's a good chance Eden is getting ready to jump too. And some genius probably convinced her to use her Blankie as a parachute.

When Eden came along, I learned that my home will never be completely clean all the time and that my babies are growing so fast. So, Eden taught me to take a deep breath and enjoy....

Well we have a Brynlee.  My little fire-cracker.  She never stops and explores everything with adventure and no fear at all.  Just like Daddy.  She's gonna be Daddy's scuba diving partner soon as she can.  She loves the sea, our German Shepherd, and Clifford the Big Red Dog Books.  Brynlee taught me that the human skull is a very hard object.  She was walking the day she turned 10 months and climbing to the top of the barred windows and doors before that!  All the way to our high ceilings.  She's fallen on her head so many times I was sure she'd turn cross eyed...but not yet.

Born 12 minutes to 12 noon on 12/12/12 was John Sullivan Truman Wesley.  Sweet baby boy who smiles and loves to be talked to.  Truman taught me that little boys are fun to raise too!

Our life is full of sandy toes and salty kisses.  

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