Friday, March 19, 2010

Do they really have to hang up Posters?

Good evening everyone.  I'm sitting here listening to the crickets and frogs chirping outside my window. At least I think that's what they are...nothing would surprise me!  Correction: many things surprise me...makes me scream and jump...but then I get over it and laugh!  
In front of the hospital in Montego Bay, Jamaica

We had to take Moriah to the hospital today.  She has been getting boils.  She has had four over the last 6 weeks.  I'm very happy to report that the hospital we went to was very profession and very clean.  Nothing like the one I saw in the mountains that was a crooked hand-painted sign stating HOSPITAL.

Nothing in Jamaica is fast (except the taxi drivers!).  We sat in the waiting room about an hour then they took us in to another waiting room for about an hour and half.  The second one was a long hallway with many posters hanging up in front of us.  I didn't look at them closely or give them a second look until I noticed my 5 year old concentrating on the one directly in front of her.  I almost fell off my folding chair when I realized that it was a detailed diagram of.....well.  Nothing was left to the imagination!!!  I pray that I will never get over the shocked feeling I have when things like that happen.  Jamaica is so different from where I grew up, in that, things I didn't learn.....until I was married are discussed freely.  I mean, for crying out loud,  do they really have to hang up posters?  I think I'll leave this subject alone.

The doctor wasn't sure exactly why Moriah is getting them, she gave her an antibiotic ($J3,000!!) to get the infection out of her system and a cream to rub on the one she has now.  They are really yucky!  Don't worry...if you have a weak stomach..... I won't go into detail!

The hospital was so nice because, we live close by several really big resorts.  One of the resorts has this hospital on its property.  After we were done in there, the girls and I took a walk around the property, enjoying the sunshine.  We stepped into a bathroom and I'm so very impressed with it that I took pictures.  I rarely carry my camera out.  There are 2 reasons for this.  One being, I try not to be flashy in the things I carry or the way I it really worth getting robbed for?  My skin makes me stand out enough as it is!  Secondly, I HATE looking like a tourist!  We secretly laugh about them...walking around in flowery Bermuda shirts and big straw hats!

The bathroom was sooo fancy.  There was AIR CONDITION!!!!  Automatic sinks and air conditioning!!!

 Plush cosy chairs to sit on and air conditioning!!

And a fancy colored light fixture.  Please don't think I'm crazy...I've not been to the States in a long time!  Please forgive the poor picture camera batteries were dying and I was happy to get these!

Our electricity was off for a while tonight...but it was after everyone but me was in bed.  So I asked myself, "self, what can you do with no tv, no computer, but candles?"  Self told me to take a bubble bath by candle light and read a book!  Haven't done that in a while...thanks, self!

P.s. If you laughed about the posters in the is another story that happened a few months ago.  Read it by clicking  Studying Adam and Eve!


imklvr said...

Yup! I did laugh and am off to read the Adam and Eve one! I also chuckled about the AIR CONDIITONING in the bathroom! How spoiled we are here in the states. Everyone should have to spend some time elsewhere on this big earth! Loving your blog!

Keri Williams said...

My husband is Jamaican and he uses honey and flour on amazingly well.

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