Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life Is Rough When You're 2 and Can't Have Your Blankie

This morning started normal.  Alexis asked, "can we have St. Patrick again?"  So we had green pancakes for lunch.  Yummy!
I gave Eden a bath about I and put her down for her nap.

About 30 minutes later, Moriah and I were sitting at her desk working on school work when I hear Eden crying at her bathroom door.  As soon as I reach her, she gets sick all over me and the floor.  Poor Baby, she's at the age where she doesn't understand.  All afternoon, I've told her, "Just throw up in the bucket."  She keeps getting mad at the it's the buckets fault.  I had to change all the blankets in her bed and wash them....including Blankie.  A dryer would be really handy today.  When I was hanging the cloths on the line, she saw it and cried and cried.

Most times when I wash it, and she sees, I just give it to her..... it always dries fast in the heat.  I was afraid she'd get sick on it again though.  After several baths for her.... and me, she's fallen asleep in my arms.

I had planned on making some fabric napkins today, but all Eden wants me to do is hold her.  That's perfectly fine with's nice to be needed.


Jessica Curtis said...

Poor girl. Hope she gets feeling better soon. Understand about the blankie, my girls have gotten wet blankies on more than one occasion too. :(

Anonymous said...

Poor Baby! Hope you are all well soon!
By the way, we saw your in-laws a couple of weeks ago when they came to Houston! I can never get over how much Josh favors his dad!
You were our missionaries of the week this week at Cornerstone. We read your prayer letter in church Wednesday night and had special prayer for your family. I always love it when our missionaries for the week are personal friends!
Love ya!

raising3princesses said...

Thanks so much Heidi! It is such a humbling thing to know someone prays for you. You're daughter is beautiful... I really enjoy her pictures. LOvE, Maria

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