Tuesday, March 22, 2011

all about eden

all about eden, age 3
babydolls, stuffed kitties, 
her sister's bicycle, dress up clothes, pretty smells,
the beach
brown sugar in oatmeal, dill pickles, whole tomatoes, sprinkles, 
clifford the big red dog stories {at nap time, bedtime, anytime}
mickey mouse clubhouse
old bugs bunny
Yesterday Princess Eden found a perfectly round painted rock.
First she put the rock in the fridge "to keep it cool".
Awhile later, Eden comes out on the veranda and told us she was 
"kakin' the egg".
I thought she said she was "breaking" the egg.  
I smiled at the thought of her taking a little toy 
and trying to break her egg open.
Prince jumps up and runs into the kitchen. 
Good thing!
The lil' princess had actually said "cooking" the egg.
She had put it in the microwave and pushed start.
Lets just say....we had one hot rock!
 snails, hee-haws, birdies, 
big cardboard boxes, crayons
discussion after story time tonight:
eden- "me get big like me sisters."
me- "I don't want you to get big.  I want you to stay little."
eden - "it's fun to get big."
me - {exaggerated sad look with a sniff}
eden- "it's ok mom, don't cry."
"Thank you, Lord, for letting me be Eden's mama."


Mendi... said...


Gail said...

So sweet! I did a post on Eden as well (grand daughter), who is two. I keep her so her mom can teach K4 at our Christian School. I love the name Eden! Your girls are precious! Gail

Tinyla said...

I love this post! I feel the same way about Ally. God is SO good!

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