Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lugging a Dirty Bucket

Early mornings {cool} breezes rustle my curtains.  Birds chirp in the fruit trees.

{Slurp}   So much for lying around for a few more minutes!  I jump out of bed and hit the floor yelling, "Who let the dog in?!!!?"

"Mom, we have a surprise for you."
Should I be scared or excited?  I know my princesses to well.  I look out on the veranda to see them lugging (def: v. To pull or drag with short jerks.) a big dirty bucket covered with nothing less then Brynlee's blanket!
What kind of a poor helpless creature have they captured today?
A precious little tiny frog.
                     Not to be mistaken with Delbert, the frog that amuses himself by jumping out and scaring me during my last night.    My shrieks of, "Delbert!!!!" brought my little adventure seekers on the run.  They think it's hilarious that mommy screams at frogs.  They really don't scare me {blush}, it's just the surprise.  After I know where he's at I can go on with my shower...all while watching him with one eye.

Princess Alexis (age 5)

"We have to do school work again today?"
     Like it's some big shock every morning, that we have to do schooling!
Moriah said, "How exasperating!"
   Yeah, exasperating!  Where do they come up with those words?  I'm thankful for spell check otherwise I wouldn't have been able to spell it.

Lately the princesses have been asking me if kids "all over the world" have to do school work too.  They keep coming up with groups of kids that they know "for true" that those kids surely don't have to do their school papers.  Princess Moriah asked today if criminal's kids have to go to school.  (I think criminals in her mind is like pirates.)  When I told her yes, she said, "We'll I'm pretty sure they don't have to have to practice cursive though!"

Gotta go make sure the baby blanket made it to the wash room!

Today I've linked up to an amazing blog.


Christina Zimmerman said... are so funny..thanks for the laugh today. :) Riley says the biggest words sometimes! I just love to hear her's hilarious..and always strangely appropriate. :) Love your post..miss you girls! :)

Mr & Mrs John said...

Hello Maria,
Emily Aaron, my co-worker sent me over to your blog. I've enjoyed looking through your lovely posts about being a missionary mommy in Jamaica!
You sold me on your blog, though, when I read your post about St. Patrick's Day! We LOVE celebrating every. single. holiday. Even the silly ones :)
Hope you and your adorable girls have a great weekend (with some more spots filled!)

Patty Sommer
Ghana, West Africa

Mr & Mrs John said...

I'm such a knucklehead....I forgot to ask...would it be okay if I add your blog to my list? Just let me know if that's a problem!
Patty, again :)

raising4princesses said...

Patty, I already went over and roamed around your blog! I LOVE it. Yes, feel free to add my blog and I'll add your's to...okey dokey?

Lisa said...

Tell your sweet little princess, there is a five yr old in Florida practicing her cursive right along with her. My little gal would love to catch critters with your princesses! Praying for you and your ministry to the people in Jamaica.

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