Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Many Full Chairs

Sunday, March 20
This picture of my {hound dog} chillaxin' has nothing to do 
with my post today.
He just looked so calm I couldn't help capturing one of his quiet times.
Drago is really good with the girlies.

Church numbers were a little down today.  I'll admit that I was saddened and discouraged.  Prince and I had went out visiting yesterday and had even dropped the princesses off, at a church ladies house, so we could cover more ground and speak to more people.  I was really looking for the extra effort to pay off.

By the time for the closing prayer I felt like I wanted to cry... then Prince prayed.  
"Lord, we thank you for all the people you sent out today."  
Suddenly realization rushed over me.  I was dwelling on the wrong thing. 
I was looking at all the empty chairs.
My husband was looking at all the full ones.

It's ok to have a burden to see more people come to church, but I should be thankful for all the many full chairs.

"Thank you, Lord, for the husband you gave me, and the example he is to me."

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Michelle said...

I CONSTANTLY have to remind myself to look at the positive. I think I'm naturally a "the glass is half empty" kind of gal, so it takes great effort to remember to be positive.

Thanks for the reminder!

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