Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swimming with the Jellies

Wanted to title this post...Swimming with the Jellies, Eating Sweet Corn, and Hiding in the Market place...but it wouldn't fit!

Friday, May 21
The mama seahorse died yesterday.  It's kinda sad, but you get fond of something after you see it and  watch it.  I feel worse for the little boy seahorse.  This morning, when I flipped the light on in the tank, he started swimming around looking for her.  He has always been the more aggressive of the two.  I know I've mentioned it before but they would find each other every morning.  Then they would swim around together with their tails entwined.  Usually it was the boy who would go to her and pull her off of what she was clinging to.  After a few minutes they would go their separate ways and not talk the rest of the day.  I'm gonna miss that.  Poor little feller.
We went to the beach and Princess Eden got stung by a jelly.  It got in her clothes and she came running up to me crying.  I stripped her down right there.  When I realized what it was, we went back and splashed the salty water over her red thigh.  You gotta give her credit, she's a tough little firecracker!  She stopped crying and all afternoon when I asked her if it bothered her she said, "nope."  

Nothing that "bankie" and her thumb won't solve.   At nap time (isn't that a beautiful word?) they were both exhausted and ready to sleep...can't you tell?
That's better.
On a more positive note, one of the princess's sunflowers bloomed today.  So pretty.  Moriah couldn't wait to take a picture of it.  She came to me wearing a yellow dress and said she was ready.  Isn't it amazing that God can take a tiny little seed and make a big beautiful flower?
ANNDDDD.....our sweet corn finally finished.  I'm from Missouri, right by the Iowa/Illinois border.  Up there we love sweet corn.  It's a summer staple.  Since moving to Jamaica, Prince has purchased sweet corn a few times in the open market.  We were greatly disappointed.  It is very dry, hard and tasteless.  No matter how much butter and salt you put on....which the girls just ended up sucking off.  

My M-I-L bought me some garden seeds and I've had so much fun making a garden and watching my things grow.  I have lots of green but not much has produced.  We are in the drought season and no matter how much precious water I tote to pour on it, the ground just drinks it up.  Yesterday, I talked to my mom and asked about when to harvest my corn.  I was expected big ole' tall Missouri corn....not little bitty 4 foot corn.  They were loaded with ears though!  I went outside and was so excited to get a whole bowl of sweet corn!  I cooked it and we ate it for lunch.  Finger licking good!

I went to the market with one of my friends and we visited Wendy, the Bead Lady.  She had her wares displayed in tubs on the ground, on a tarp, and on a short table.  Her beautiful crystal necklace looked out of place beneath the rough surroundings underneath the blue tarp ceiling.  We dug through plastic tubs and trays of beads and beads.  All different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.  I had a blast....but then again I don't get out very often.  {grin}  I decided on some beautiful turquoise and browns and then different shades of reds.  I can't wait to play with them!  The princesses were enjoying looking at the different items, but Eden started being naughty and bumping Alexis with her hip.  The space was so tight that it almost knocked me over.  I told her to go stand against a wood wall and wait for mommy to finish.  

A minute later, my heart stopped as I looked over and noticed the wall, Eden was supposed to be standing at, was full of people...but not one little white girl.  I grabbed my friend's arm and said, "where's Eden?"  She grabbed Moriah and I grabbed Alexis and we both took off in opposite directs, weaving through the crowds of people calling her name.  I hadn't gone far when a carver who was lazily reclining on a plastic lawn chair said, "'er went dat way to 'er daddy." We were the only "whities" there so it was pretty easy for him to know why I was running around like a mad lady calling, "Eden!!!!". 

I lost a few years of my life in those seconds.  There she was happily sitting with Daddy, on the roots of an old tree.  They were talking to some venders without a care in the world.

The word "tongue-lashing" doesn't quite do it justice.  

Gotta go hide my gray hairs,


Tinyla said...

How Scary!!! I always think of Mary when she couldn't find Jesus. How awful; but there He was, with not a care in the world. I have a hard time just keeping up with Aaliyah at church; and we aren't that big. She is just such a people person that she goes around shaking hands and such. Praying for you guys! - Tinyla

Jessi said...

Whew! My heart would've stopped too!

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