Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taking a Shower in the Street

That got your attention!
Last night, I woke up about 1:30 am to make the rounds and check out the windows.  I heard a gushing water sound and noticed that the water pipe in the street finally burst.  We had reported to the water commission over a year ago that there was a water pipe in front of our house leaking down the street.  "Soon Come" is a Jamaican phrase overly used and means, I'll come sometime between next hour or next year.
So, we let the princesses (and Drago) enjoy playing in the water.  It is quite powerful and was shooting up high.  Princess Alexis said, "I know how to stop it.  Just put a big rock on it."  I told her that would just make the rock shoot up.  Her eyes got big and she said, "I'd like to see that!"  So guess what they tried?  Turns out, mama has seen to many Bugs Bunny cartoons.  It didn't work out exactly like we thought.  Still fun.
Someone, sitting on a little purple throne, thinks it's all so very exciting!

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