Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bless Your Pea-Pickin' Heart

I love you
Day #5 of no running water.....ugh.
It rained last night though so our 3 rain barrels filled up some.  At least I don't have to worry about carrying water to the garden...God already watered it.   {Thank you, Lord}

Speaking of the garden... {pouty lip}I started out with really high hopes.  Drought is a foul word.  All the grass in our yard was shriveled up and scratchy on the toes.  Then suddenly we went from no rain for months and months to showers every day.  The rain feels so cool and refreshing.  Did you know it's possible to get sick of sunshine?  Uh-huh. {raised eyebrows}  It happens.

We do have green beans producing and we've had a few squash.  Oh, and the sweet corn.  But, Princess Eden has fallen in love with the fresh peas.  My pitiful little plants are giving it their very best, but only producing a handful every few days.  Which are promptly gobbled up by my little pea-picker.

Nobody ever told Eden that it's not normal to love vegetables.  She eats tomatoes like an apple...strange I know.

Wanna see something really....gross.  Well here it is!  I saw this giant...yucky thing on the side of the house.  And no....we did not put it in a jar for observation.  Even though my "scientific minded" children tried to coax me to do so.

The girls thought it was "so cool".
The mom thought, "eiieie...where did that come from."  {jiggly body shake}
The girls said, "get a picture mom."
The mom said, "don't you dare touch that!!!!"
(Alexis's (5 yr) hand and the monster slug)


Unknown said...

The picture of Brynlee is adorable :)

Not fun not having water, huh?!?! Hope you all can get some water soon!

That is one HUGE slug!!! YUCK!

Enjoyed your post!

Tinyla said...

So sorry you aren't getting any water. We have the opposite problem here...SEVERE flooding! Our Neighbors ( Jacksonport, Ark. pop. 217) had to evacuate due to high water. Our corn was washed out and our pepper plants really took a beating from the hail; but they are recovering.

Ally loves brocolli and also eats tomatoes like apples!

Love you!

Natalia Lynn said...

OH man that is crazy! Yuck!! I love your blog! I am too a Christian, married to a Bahamian actually and we live in France now. It's not really the same, but husband's caribbean upbringing is similar! Sounds like you lead an exciting life!

Jessi said...

Ah, those slugs are a common sight here. I hate them too. They are gross! Even Seth refuses to touch them because they feel so gross.

Unknown said...

Okay..I dreamed with the nasty slug last night weired is that?!?! LOL

Rebekah said...

Brynlee looks sooooo adorable. That is one nasty slug. My friends and I put salt on slugs. It works. Not sure what it does though.

Treasures from a shoebox said...

This post brought the children running to the computer! (I have 10; nine still at home). Something about slugs being an attraction...I don't get it either! I'm with you...Eewwww! :)

JudyZ said...

Slug: YIKES!!! I found a snake in my garden the size of a pencil and did the wiggly body shake. Wow! I guess living in paradise has its imperfections, huh? ;-)

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