Thursday, June 2, 2011

T' Time {#9}

Good morning, Sunshine.  Actually I was up before the sunshine...thank you to Princess Brynlee.  Our water came back on yesterday afternoon!!!!  (yipppee)  When I discovered it was on, I couldn't decide whether to take a really good shower or scrub my bathroom from the tippy top to the bottom.   So I decided to take a shower....scrub the bathroom and mop the floor...then take another shower.   I love the water.  I filled up the princess's bathtub and lathered them up really good.  And I started a load of the worst laundry.   Now....I'm going places.

Then the water went back off.....{long exasperated sigh}.  Today marks #6 without running water.   Enough about me.   Today is T' Time!!!

I have a pretty amazing gal to introduce to you.  
This is one of my college chums, Jenn.  

She now lives in sunny Santa Maria, California with her "pretty amazing" hubby(who just celebrated 10 years as an Assistant Pastor).  They dated 2 1/2 years long distance before getting married.  Pretty challenging, huh?  The couple now has 3 "cute as a bug" kids.  Jenn loves dark chocolate (just like me!), Starbucks, reading, and seafood.  On the opposite side she hates wind, strawberries and orange juice.  Is it legal to live in California and not like orange juice?  

Ben(6), Nathan(4), and Selah (2)
One thing I remember about Jenn, from college, is her good testimony.  You could always count on her to go by the rules.  She never tried to bend things or take short cuts.  Jenn would always have an opinion...and tell you her opinion!  But she was "on top of things".  I knew that when I talked with her I would learn something or leave a better person.  She just gives off that kind of "glow". 
(Princess Selah's cheesy grin)
I'm so thankful to have friends that can be counted on to "do right" and just love the Lord.  That's Jenn.  Enough of the sappy stuff...... 
               feel like you're sitting in the middle of a hot fudge sunday?   
Don't just take my word for it...check out her family blog at My Cup Runneth Over.

Jenn's Take the Time To Challenge is....
"Having sick kids is on the list of “Worst things in the entire world”. I dont know of a single mom who LOVES the mountain of laundry, the constant worry, and the stench of ...well you know. Ive been forced because of some of my own health complications to 'think outside the box” than everyday meds from the doctor. My boys had a congestion cold when I learned about garlic poultices. I already knew there were huge benefits to garlic but I had no idea until I started to research it how big! Its a natural Antibiotic! I am no expert in this and would encourage you to research it for yourself-but here's how I made a garlic poultice:

Ingredients: Garlic, Garlic masher (If you dont have one a fork will smash just fine) paper towels, bowl of warm water
Mash garlic and spread on Paper towel
Fold like a burrito and place in warm water, wring out:
Place on chest area or even the soles of the feet for about 2-3 minutes
*CHECK AREA OFTEN: You don't want it to burn your childs skin!

I repeated 2 times daily. Hope this post was a help to you! Heres to healthy kids and Homes so we can all do our part in Serving the Lord at home and abroad!"

Thanks, Jenn.  I learned something new!

(Sorry for the tiny pictures, blogger is being moody.  I'm a visual type of gal and really need pictures to figure things out.  So I added them anyways.)


Rebekah said...

that's really cool. does it really work on colds? also, do you know a way to get rid of a cough that's been with you over 2 weeks?

missionarymomma said...

Please add 1/2 cup coconut oil (antiviral) and 1/2 cup olive oil to the garlic. Rub that on chest and feet and baby will not be burned. Garlic straight can cause severe burns. I have seen them and you do not want that. The oil is soothing. Can be left on all night. Re-apply often is child is very sick.

Jessi said...

I never met Jenn at College because she graduated before me. But then we got to meet them on deputation, and that was a blessing.

I enjoy following your blog, Jenn, and thanks for the tip. I learned something new too!

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