Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boyish Laughter

it all started with...
two little boys
one broken plastic crate
a few green mango
We were sitting in the bus waiting for Prince.  
Two little boys were walking up the street.  They were carrying a crate of mango between them, as they called out ""  Trying to sell their wares.

When they saw me, they came over and said, "Buy, mi mango, miss?"  These little boys weren't begging, they had something to offer.  J10 (around .12 cents) for 3 mango.  Yes, I'm a sucker for their hopeful little faces.  I gave him a J20 coin.  

The princesses and I didn't care for the mango, we just enjoyed interacting with them. 

 They ran back over to where 2 more boys were sitting under a big tree.  They all started pushing their push cart up the hill.  We thought they were gone. 

A few minutes later there was a bunch of racket and boyish laughter as they came flying down the hill beside us riding their roller coaster.

They did it several times, as the little white girls stood by the road watching.   When they stopped, and went back under their tree, the girls walked over and started talking to them.  Jamaican kids are so friendly and love to talk to you.  
I sat on the side of road in the shade and watched.  After awhile I asked the boys if they would give the girls a ride on their push cart.  Their faces lit up and they kept saying, "yes, yes, miss".  One skinny little guy pulled a rag out of his pocket and started wiping the wood cleaner.  They had the princesses get on and they pushed them UP the hill!  Then the boys climbed on for the ride down, with 2 boys steering the wheel.  

Childish laughter filled the air.

A taxi driver was coming up the road as they came to the bottom.  He stopped the car and asked the boys, "where did you find the little white girls?"  (He couldn't see me standing by the bus)  The boys were so proud of themselves as they told him.

God is so good,


The Patriot Chronicle said...

that is sooo cute. Do you mind if I mention on my blog about you and your family?

Joy Liz said...

Mrs. Maria,
What a wonderful story it put a smile on my face! Looks like you all had a great time, wish I could have been there. Kids are so wonderful!
In HIS love,
joy liz
P.S. Your daughters are so beautiful and they seem so sweet and happy. :)

Our family said...

just discovered your blog thru Living Well Wednesdays (yes i know its friday ... but I have 5 kids keeping me very busy) :-)

I loved visiting your little corner of the web! We were just in Jamaica in march ... I think I fell in love!!! Hope we'll get back there some day!

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