Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a little more oil

"a little more oil in my lamp
keep me burnin', burnin', burnin'
a little more oil in my lamp, I pray
a little more oil in my lamp
keep me burnin', burnin', burnin'
keep me burnin' til' the break of day" 
(Princess Brynlee 9m and Memaw)

Since Prince's parents arrived we've lost electricity twice.  No biggee, we know the routine.  Grab the candles, grab the lanterns, grab the kids.  Oh, and something to fan yourself..cause it's hot here!  Praise the Lord, we've always had power at night though.  It's miserable to sleep in the heat with no fan.  Prince was outside working on the bus the first time, so Papa helped me fill up our lanterns and the girls just played on the living room rug in the lantern light.   God is good.  

lovin' the sounds of my children laughing with their grandparents
lovin' the smell of memaw's cooking
lovin' the excitement on the princess's face 
when they remember each morning that Papa and Memaw are here
lovin' having someone new to play Skip-bo with
lovin' seeing Prince and his daddy talking and noticing how more alike they grow all the time

lovin' the excitement on Memaw's face when she starts cooking up a "project"
lovin' Papa's dry humor as he listens to the new "project"
lovin' life



Jessica said...

Sounds like so much fun...and you get a cooking break?!?! so jealous now :)

Lissa said...

So wonderful that the family is able to visit. Enjoy your time with them..with or without electricity! :o)

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie said...

So glad that you are enjoying your company! It is always fun to have people visit, especially family. After they visit, they can picture everything you are talking about.

Shabby Soul said...

What wonderful visitors! Can't beat Grandparents (especially great ones like them!)! Tell them I said, "Hello!" Christie Thomas

Anonymous said...

I cried through this one. Especially as I read the one about Joshua and Daddy. Wish we could all be around each other a lot more! Miss you guys and wish I could come visit y'all! Tell those little princesses that I sure do miss them and love them. The boys talk about them often and ask if we could go see them. I try to explain but they don't seem to understand that we can't drive there like we do when we go to see Grandma. Maybe SOMEDAY we can come. Can't wait until the Lord allows us to see you again!


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