Monday, January 30, 2012

{Valentine} T' Mrs. Bosje

We have a guest for Tuesday's Take the Time to {Valentine} Challenge today.  This is one of the sweetest ladies... honestly.  Ask everybody.

We first met when my husband and I were still going to college.  We worked on a bus route and picked up a school bus load of little Mexican kids from the rough side of Oklahoma City... and kept them entertained all the way to Church.  Bro. Bosje was our bus driver.  Everyone loved his dry humor.  Since then they moved back to their home state of New York.  We have been able to visit them several times and even spend Easter together once.  We can learn a lot by looking at marriages like this.  I'm humbled and honored that this special lady took the time to write something for me.

Without further Mrs. Bosje.
 "On July 7th we will be married for 50 years.  All of our children will be coming home and our 29 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.  Even our son, Mark and his family, will be flying in from Thailand.  All of our four living children are serving God.  Two are in full time ministry and two are active in our local Baptist Church.  Our son, Matthew, is with the Lord.  We have been richly blessed!!!

Mrs. Bosje's Valentine Take the Time to..."suggestion"...

I would suggest that the ladies create      
         ambience in their home 
     for their wonderful man.  

He loves to come home to a clean smelling house, a lovingly cooked meal and a lovely wife.  Always tell your children how wonderful, smart and strong their daddy is and always greet him when he arrives home after a day at work. 

                                         Sending you much love,
                                            Mrs. Bosje"

Take note, ladies!  I think she's doing something right {Wink}  50 years, praise the Lord.


Rebekah said...

Cool! I know her too. She goes to my church. Awesome!

Jessi said...

I love you, Mrs. Bosje--"Mom" to me! I like being adopted!!! =)

Jolene said...

Mrs. Bosje has to be my favorite guest blogger you've had yet! What a wise Proverbs 31 woman whose example is something we can all follow. 50 years?! Congratulations, Bosjes!!!

♥ Amy said...

Yeah, that's my Mom!! :)
She is the Queen of Ambience. You feel it the moment you walk into her home. And yes, she and my dad are still totally in love after all these years. ♥

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