Saturday, January 11, 2014

mud in their ears

Prince Charming and the older two girls are at an all day youth meeting.  So this give me and the little ones some alone time.

This rarely happens and I have completely and unreservedly gave in to their every whim.  We started with a yummy breakfast of toast with raspberry jelly (a Christmas present from Great-Grandma Grace) and hot chocolate out of crystal punch cups.   We headed outside in the sunshine to trim my rose bushes.
I hooked up the sprinkler so I could water the flower beds.  This soon lead to giggles as the girls taught John Truman how much fun it is to run through the water.
Our 13 month old little prince loved the water, but when big sis pulled the sprinkler onto a bare dirt spot and they got a pretty impressive mud puddle going he really came alive.  

All three of them were covered with mud from the top of their heads to their "chocolate" covered feet.  They were really going native.  John even had it in his ears and under his nails.
Just for the record, chickens don't like sprinklers or mud puddles.  Now that they are in a sudsy bathtub, I think we'll eat ice cream for supper.  Don't tell the older kids that mom is so cool.


Merry C. said...

Aww! Those are darling babies! This makes me want some chickens! Shucks! Too bad I live in town.... I guess I'll have to enjoy looking at yours! Blessings to you! Merry from,

Chris and Carole said...

What a fun mom!!! What is it about mud that draws kids like a magnet? :-)

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