Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We've decided not to use our a/c here in Kahoka, MO(...except in the truck so it won't mess up my hair! ..smiles) so it will help us better adjust in Jamaica. My daughters and I are not having a hard time at all...Praise the Lord! It was in the 90's in the house today, but we just got creative and found ways to not feel so hot. We made homemade icecream sandwiches and froze them, we ALL played in the water sprinkler in the yard (who cares what the neighbors think!), and i began scrapbooking pages with pictures of my kids in snow pictures!

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Julia said...

I hope you don't think I'm weird for commenting on a post written in June, but I want to catch up with you. The kids are in bed and Kenny's working nights this week, so now is the perfect time to read your blog!

Anyway, I would have been soaking up all the AC I could get if I knew I was going to be leaving it behind in the near future! But I do see the wisdom in your decision. Did it really help you guys adjust?

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