Monday, September 7, 2009

The call to go is so urgent because Hell is so real

"Darkness overshadows the little village of his birth,
his family all asleep he lies alone.
Gazing up towards heaven a little tear falls to the earth
and wonders if his sorrows here are known.
His body wracked with pain,
from his father's sharp distain.
He lifts his hands and whispers in the night....
"if there's a God above please send some one in love, to rescue me,
and show me what is right."

How will they hear? how will they know? How will they ever have the truth if we don't go? How can we fear... God's love to show? Jesus desires every child His love to know."

So many times we go through our Christian life and it is just that...our life. We get so caught up is striving for our own daily happiness, and the business of life. We forget about the many souls dying everyday and falling into a literal hell. I didn't start out to write about Hell, not a very happy subject, but God has put it on my mind... I think to help me get my mind off myself. Small sacrifices like a/c or double stuffed oreos are a small price to pay for touching someones life.
I'm very excited as we're getting everything packed for our (hopefully) soon move to Jamaica. But I think God has gave me this renewed burden so I would realize that sacrifices here aren't sacrifices compared to eternity. What is a little sweat on our brows compared to souls falling into a fire that is never quenched. I just want to serve my God. I'm so very thankful that He has gave me opportunities to make a difference for Him.

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Julia said...

Oh, I wish I was more like you...

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