Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How can Prayer be boring?

I've done it more times then I wish to's Sunday morning..the preacher went a little longer then usual...all you can think about is the roast simmering in your crockpot with those perfectly seasoned carrots and potatoes ( can just smell it can't you?). The invitation is coming to a close and the preacher asks Bro. "Flo- Flo" (names changed to protect Your heart sinks down into your empty stomach! You stand through, what seems, hours of drawn out monologue...only to heave a relieved sigh when the last amen is said!
So many times I've suffered through prayers not really listening. After all... they are about people I don't personally know, events I'm probably not gonna attend, or missionaries I've never met. It breaks my heart to think of the opportunities I've missed. How much could we learn if we paid attention, on purpose, and truly listened to the prayer warriors, that are daily battling satan right in our midst?
My challenge to YOU is to Listen... with your heart.... the next time someone talks to our Lord and Savior, all because prayer isn't boring!
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