Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well ladies, the time has finally come. It's funny to sit here tonight....sitting here on the staircase of a hotel in Florida. Holding my laptop as I listen to my clothes flop around in the dryer. It feels funny to contemplate my life the last 4 years and imagine that after (think of the possibilities). Tomorrow changes my life. Tomorrow I follow my husband on a plane, my three daughters in a foreign country that is soon becoming my home.

I've long ago told myself that my place, in Jamaica, is not to "win the whole Island to Christ". Sure I want to see Souls Saved for the Glory of God, but my main job is to be a complete helpmate to my husband and a wonderful Godly mother to my girls. Joshua was made for Jamaica. If you could see him in Jamaica among the people, you would know what I'm talking about! He fits in so much better there! Sorry, baby, it's true! I'm excited about making his home as comfortable and relaxing as I can, so that he can serve our Lord to the fullest. Thank You, Lord!

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Julia said...

I hope Joshua knows what a treasure you are! Not too many wives share your perspective now a days. I struggle with having the right attitude with Kenny a lot and he hasn't asked me to move to a foreign country or anything. You are such an inspiration to me.

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