Thursday, November 26, 2009

One woman against an army of millions!

November 13, 09
Josh says, “you need to make peace with the ants.” I say, “over my dead body! They ate my chocolate chip cookies!!!”
I splurged today and made some chocolate chip cookies with the chips I brought from the States. I will admit I ate one and gave a couple to the girls to eat. OK...ok...for those of you who know me...I ate more then one! :) But then I’d saved some for Josh to have when he got home later that night. A little treat for my sweet. lol
Well, night came...josh came home. After I fed him supper, I proudly went over to the container (with the sealed lid) that the cookies were in, picked him up one and was carrying it back to him. The lighting in my kitchen is very dim, so I was surprised when I felt a tickling sensation all around my hand. I walked into the dining area where the light is brighter and commenced to do an Indian war dance around the table! The dirty rotten little devils, ate my chocolate! The ants keep trying to take over my kitchen, but I will conquer in the end! Or else. I ran back to the bowl and the little ants, who are about the size of 2 or 3 grains of pepper were running like crazy to get away from the container. I quickly grabbed it and dumped it in water. If I can’t have the cookies, nobody can have them. Josh ate the cookie that I’d brought to him, he said, “you can’t taste them.” Boys are gross.
I will say this for the little boogers. They are persistent, and they are fast, and they possess a sense of smell better then.....whatever that kind of dog is that has the really good sense of smell. A few mornings ago I made waffles, I made extra and planned on freezing them. Well we ate ours, and I ran outside to hang up a load of laundry on my clothes line. (the clothes lines here are really interesting, maybe I’ll talk about them some time.) Anyways I was only gone about 7 or 8 minutes and the ants were covering the waffles! Waffles are fattening anyways.
I’ve Learned: These ants don’t like lysol. So I completely clean my kitchen immediately after I cook anything, then wipe my countertops down with a lysol wipe. I still have ants in my kitchen but I has cut them down drastically!

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