Thursday, November 12, 2009

Singing in the Rain

Monday, November 9, 09
A lizard ran across my foot as I was walking outside to hang up my clothes around 7:30 this morning. Fast little dickens! I really don’t mind them, I think they’re neat, especially the tiny ones. And they eat mosquitos!
I was moping the kitchen floor and felt a big gust of cool breeze....I dropped my mop and ran outside to get my laundry off the line. My neighbor’s maid was hanging her’s out on the same lines and I asked her if the “rain soon come”....”nooo, nat yet”, she said. I didn’t listen to her and I’m glad, cause 1 minute later it let loose. I let the girls go out and play in it and splash. They LOVED it. The cool breeze was soooo wonderful. Thank you, Lord! Now, Lord, please turn our running water back on!

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