Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot running water? Who has that???

Wednesday, December 2, 09
The only thing the “tefs” (thieves) stole from the church were the cordless lapel mick (not sure if that’s how that’s spelled lol), the gas container from the stove, and around $120 dollars. They think they’re were 2 of them because there were tracks where one had shoes and one was barefoot. They pried the metal bars and bent them just enough to crawl through.
We went to look at some different houses to move into today. The beautiful one that we’ve been renting here on the north shore since August just isn’t stable. The owner has alot of debt and is trying to sell the house. After living out of suitcase my children’s entire lives...we really want (need) a house that we can tell them that they can stay in for a few years. We looked at a nice 4 bedroom that would work really well to keep groups in. It has some issues.....like high rent. But we’re praying about it. Josh and Pastor Hutchens are going to go look at it together on Monday. I have my fingers crossed...wink....wink. It doesn’t have hot water but it does have mosquito screens on the windows! After we’d looked at a couple houses, I asked Moriah which one she liked. She said, “I stand with the one that has hot water...I don’t like cold baths.” Smart little squirt.
We went to church tonight at Riverside Baptist Church on the north shore. There was a little boy playing the drums...he was a regular “little Ricky” (for all you fellow “I Love Lucy” fans). I was very impressed.

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