Thursday, June 24, 2010

Abide by the Rules

I woke up this morning to the wonderful melodious voice of my eldest princess. She was screaming, “Mom, there’s a roach in our room!!!) {full body shudder} After the fact, I’m always amazed as what speed a mother’s body can come fully awake....without her mind actually functioning. I ran through the house and down the hallway...(one eye open and slightly leaning to one side)

Just when I think I’ve killed the biggest roach in the world....another one comes along to prove me wrong. Sometimes, Eden crawls out of bed in the middle of the night and falls asleep on her fluffy rug. There she lay in sweet oblivion with a giant roach 2 inches from her. This smart little rascal saw me coming and hot-footed it across the tile floor heading for the closet. I cut him off....and he charged at me making me jump back. {yeah, I’m brave!} I reached over and threw out the tub of shoes and box of swimsuits from the closet floor. Now he was trapped! Bouahahahaha! Eden’s cowgirl boots were still laying sideways on the floor. To give you a hint of how big he was.....he {honestly!!!!!} climbed with his front feet and peeked over the edge of the boot. He could peek over and still have his back feet at an angle on the ground!!!! For honest and for true!!! We stared at each other for a second then I reached to grab the other boot to do him in. He took this opportunity to run and I screamed like a deranged woman and did a berserk, frenzied back up dance...all while not taking my eyes off of him! Moriah was rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter. I cast her a sullen look, took a deep breath, and smashed his brains in! I tossed the boot in the corner and turned to leave. I called over my shoulder, “Now, Miss Smarty Skirt, I killed him, you pick him up and throw it away. I’m going back to bed.”


I have to do everything around here.

I didn’t go back to bed, I just went in and poked Prince Charming in the ribs. “Don’t you dare pretend that you didn’t hear about the bug. In the parenting rule book it says YOU kill all the bugs. Now you lay there and think about that while I go make your breakfast!” {smiles}

And that’s how my work day started before 6:30 in the morning.


Tereza said...

ha ha thats a great way to start the day:):)

Rachel said...

You are a brave woman in my book. I would have woke my husband you said that is what they are for (that's not all, but killing bugs is under his job discription - not mine!). Just last night our little princess came in our room to tell us she had a spider in her room. DADDY got up and got him. However, if daddy is not available, I am thankful I have boys who are more than willing to be the hero.

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