Monday, June 28, 2010

Our first Visitor from a Far Away Land

A morning on the Island of Jamaica.

The salty scent of the Caribbean Sea hangs delicately in the air swirling with the tangy perfume of my orange tree.

Sounds beautiful doesn’t it? I love Jamaica.

There is so much I could talk about from the last few days, but for the sake of boring you, I’ll just try to hit the highlights. We picked up a much anticipated visitor from the airport on Saturday night. Sir Austin from the land of Louisiana has come to the Island to help in our ministry and enjoy the pleasures of missionary life (such as mosquitos, cold showers, and no a/c.) {....just teasing} He came bearing treasures from a far away land...a.k.a. suitcases packed by Queen Memaw! It really was like Christmas. Yippy Skippy. My littlest princesses were thrilled to see their cowgirl guns and baby doll strollers! What a combo, but they’ve strapped on their guns and walked their dollies for miles already. Prince Charming is a little less then thrilled over the noisy strollers.

Some of the first to greet our guest to the beautiful Island were the {snort} shall we say....over zealous customs agents. After harassing the poor teenager and digging through his luggage, they charged him around $66 US in fees. We aren’t sure exactly why.....probably just because they can. Sir Austin said that at one point they even knocked our mound of belonging on the floor, but left him to pick it up and put it back in the suitcase. Welcome.

He’s going to do fine here.

Sunday Service was so wonderful yesterday. We had a good attendance, with 3 new visitors and 1 man who hasn’t been since we started. We had a few regulars out, but the spirit was so wonderful and joyful. They sang lifting up their voices to the Lord to the ting of the tambourines. I could tell our American visitor felt a little out of place in the group of smiling, dark faces. The Jamaican ladies just can’t stand still and sing...but I’ve figured out why... it is to keep the mosquitos off! I remember feeling just like Austin looked 4 years ago....kinda like...what have I gotten into? Austin did great, we’ll have him playing the tambourine before he goes home! {smile} It was one of the best Sunday’s we’ve had at church, with such sweet fellowship.

P.s After 2 days with no running water I was praising the Lord for the full steady stream coming from the faucet this morning!!! My wonderful washer has been humming ever since! Praise the Lord.


Unknown said...

I loved reading your blog! Being a missionary daughter and living in a foreign country, makes me appreciate this even more! Thanks for sharing! God bless you!

Tinyla said...

I am so glad that your mom is visiting you guys. I know she will love her time there. - T

Jolene said...

Ah, yes, our guests get those kinds of hassels too. We call it the "American discount," which is, really, quite the opposite!

So glad you were able to get a suitcase of goodies! Fun, Fun, Fun!

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