Friday, April 15, 2011

Peach Soup

Our Princess Alexis.  
She can make me roll on the floor with laughter, at her hilarious impersonations, or want to scream with frustration, at her ability to forget "I says i as in Indian".  

Still even during those {dark} moments when I want to run from the house screaming....{sigh}....I love my girls so much.  They definitely color my world.  So, at 5 years old, I try to notice and treasure her learning and growing. 

Sometimes the 2nd sister can get lost in the shadows while the spot light usually shines on the oldest child or the baby of the family.  For me, I have to actually make a point of touching my children and doing things to let them know they're special.  It seems like my days are always filled with wondering around in quick circles constantly cleaning up and taking care of everyone. It's hard to dwell on the really important things.

My challenge today is to take a breath {a really deep one}
                  and make a point to notice your children.  
Really listen to what they say.  If your's are anything like mine... you can't watch them without smiling.

Kids are pretty great.
Alexis loves 
brownies, spaghetti, (American) apples 
Alexi loves
chasing lizards
being outside
Alexis loves
Kaya her Indian doll
anything Indian or Cowgirlish
Kokowawa (her stuffed calico cat)
Alexis loves
being rocked in the chair
Current creative comments and conversations 
                                           that color my world
Me, "No, I will not make a bologna sandwich for Splotchy" (Eden's stuffed dog)
Eden, "chatter...chatter...chatter"
"Yes...I know he has a mouth, but I'm not making him a sandwich.  He has to eat dog food like Drago."

Moriah, "Eww, that bug has huge antlers!" (antennas)
Alexis, "Mom, Moriah licked me so she could win in Twister!"
Alexis," Do chicken's play with toys like dogs?"
Alexis, "I'm glad that there is a map in the back of my Bible so my husband and I can travel when we get married."
Alexis, "Mom, all the feather's fell off my flower." (petals)
Alexis, "Sit by me, mom, I already pulled back the covers" (tablecloth)
Eden, "Me finish me peaches, but didn't drink the soup" (aka juice)
Eden, "Cut my peanut butter and jelly sandwich like Pizza Hut." (triangle shapes)
Eden, "Alexis bite me blanket....and she has stinky teeth!"


♥ Amy said...

So sweet! I laughed out loud at the map and the stinky teeth. Aren't they hilarious!

Beth said...

Cracking up over these comments! Have a great day.

Mr & Mrs John said...

I enjoyed catching up with your week. Looks like you all had a full one, as usual! I'm glad you gave the Cadbury eggs a try. I'd seen the recipe, but couldn't decide if they'd be worth the effort or not. Guess, I better try 'em out to see if they're as good as you say :)
Totally agree with you on taking the time to really notice your kiddos, so easy NOT to do! And of course, I loved your solution for a crabby day. Need to keep that one in mind right now!
Have a great week!

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