Monday, May 30, 2011

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Ok, here we go.
Slip on your old flip flops and roll up your sleeves....this is gonna get messy.
The water went off on Friday.
If you add up the days since then...multiply it by 4 little messy kids (one in cloth diapers)...and add one hardworking man in tropical heat.  You come up with a huge pile of stinky smelly laundry.  And I believe the mountain is growing taller.  {plug nose}
 So by 7:30 am, I had me a cute little assembly line going in the back yard.  I carried buckets of fresh water from the rain barrels.  Armed myself with a scrub brush, a toothbrush, and a lot of laundry soap.  I meant business.

We scrubbed, sloshed, and squeezed until we ran out of clothes pins.
Now the dishes in the kitchen are calling me.  We had a carry in luncheon at Church, on Sunday, so both of my crockpots are still sitting there with the dirty remains.  And two cake pans.   The Texas Sheet Cake was a huge hit!  Prince's favorite.     I couldn't wash them out at church either, 'cause there was no running water at the school (Church) either.  {deep sigh}
All in a day's work.


Jolene said...

Totally sympathizing with you, Maria! Hope you get your water back soon, my friend!

Jessica Curtis said...

Kids make things like that so much more fun! (and definitely look forward to it more than Mama!) Hope you get running water soon!

Treasures from a shoebox said...

Diapers too?! I REALLY hope you get running water back soon!

I found your blog through the Circle of Moms contest and I'm enjoying looking around.

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