Tuesday, May 31, 2011

T' Time {#8}

Today's Take the Time Challenge is......
                                       Do Shadow Puppets!
They can be so funny and it is super cheap.  

Here is a quick little story you can do with the kiddos.  I remember it from when I was a youngster.  Not sure where it came from...but when I taught it to the princesses there were a lot of giggles.  

I'm so in love with their genuine girlie giggles.

Let's call it.... "Hernando The Hungry Ostrich".

See how simple!  So go ahead, grab a flashlight and plop down on the floor.  Take time to make them smile.

Any other shadow puppet ideas?  Please share.


Ali said...

That is so cute. I always run out of ideas after I do the rabbit shadow puppet. haha. Very cute idea :D

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE this post. My son and I were just playing shadow puppets the other day. He is only 2 and therefore only beginning to understand them, but it's so much fun!

Lisa said...

How sad that I still do these as an adult! I like doing the butterfly...I think I learned it on Sesame Street or something when I was a kid!

I went back and read some of your old posts and it's so interesting to see how life is different for you in Jamaica than in the US. Very fun to read!

Tinyla said...

Well, Ally and I were doing shadow puppets just last week...in our tornado shelter. There was a tornado just about a two minute drive away from the church. Wish I had known about this little story, its really cute and easy to remember.

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