Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sometimes it takes...

They won't care how much you know...
Til' they know how much you care.
Bible School is going great.  I'm enjoying it and not stressing out.  We had 32ish kids the first day and 38ish kids the second day.  I'm sooo thankful for my little sis who is here to help me.  With Prince spending most of his time running the bus route, Monica and I have our hands full.   

Monica snapped these pictures of me and the kids waiting for the bus to come back, for the last full bus load.  Yes, we squeezed us all in!
sometimes it takes getting out of our comfort zone 
to show others Jesus' love.
sometimes it takes sitting on the scratchy grass
sometimes it takes letting them hold something dear to you 
{Princess Brynlee}

sometimes it takes a sincere hug
sometimes it takes looking in their eyes while you talk to them

sometimes it takes being uncomfortable to bring comfort to others

Lord, please help me make a difference in their little lives.


Hannah said...

I really like these pictures of you with the Jamaican kids!

Rachel said...

This is so true!!! Thanks for the reminder.
Great pictures! I am sure God will use you and your family to make a difference.

Unknown said...

How true! the pictures are so special!!!

Jessica Curtis said...

Precious! Absolutely love the pictures. Glad that your sister was able to be there.

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