Thursday, September 29, 2011

slipping through my fingers

Another day of...the pitter patter of little feet.  I wonder why it seems to always come before the crack of dawn?
Mommy merrily skips off to start her morning tasks....{loud game show buzzer}.  Not quite.
Mom pulls pillow over her ears and tries to play "I can't see can't see me".  My kids NEVER fall for that, put I kept trying.

The sounds of toys being dumped out and a protesting little baby drift from the nursery.  Baby talk for "get me out of this crib!" get louder and louder.  Then stops.  That's when mom gets nervous.
Dragging herself from the soft bed, mom stumbles down the hallway.  Baby under one arm, 3 year old by the hand... time to eat some oatmeal.  yummy.  On the way, mom trips over a bike laying on it's side. {ouch}  After resisting the sudden urge to give the bike a good swift kick, mom yells (ever so sweetly), "why on earth is this bike laying in the kitchen doorway?"  A timid little reply says, "It's my horsie and he has a broken leg." How do you argue with that?

Another day of...Feed the chickens, feed the kids, feed the dog....not particularly in that order.
Another day of... clean up after the kids, then the chickens, then the kids, then the dog, then the kids.
Another day of, "Stop playing the mop water!" And, "I told you those bubbles would taste yucky."  Chocolate milk bubbles and mop bucket bubbles are different...lesson learned.
Another day to wash the clothes, cook the food, clean the dishes.

Another day of being a mommy.
Another day that is soon going to slip through my fingers
 like sand at the sea shore.
Thank you, Lord, for another day,

count your blessings
#13 pretty scrapbook paper
#14 Drago
# 15 the color pink


Jillian said...

What a lovely peak into your day! : ) Thanks for sharing these amusing and touching tidbits. I love that you are so appreciative of them. : )

Unknown said...

Very true! Time passes way too fast! Very sweet post, brought tears to my eyes!

A Country Mix said...

That's exactly how it is!

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