Monday, October 3, 2011

being neighborly

Crayon Freckles

This morning, I have the pleasure of being a guest on
  Crayon Freckles Blog.
My friend, Andie, is a sweetie and has some awesome inspiring ideas for teaching your kids.
Jump over and show her some love!

In Jamaica, you don't just walk up to your neighbors door and ring the doorbell.
Proper etiquette here is to call out, at the gate, or tap on it.
Bright and early this morning, Prince heard a rapping on our front gate.
He went out to check and came back with two beautiful avocados.
Fresh off a neighbor lady's tree.

now, that's just good ol' wholesome "neighborliness".
healthy and oh so....yummy,

count your blessings
#19 my washing machine busily humming down the hallway
#20 lil' princess Eden saying to her baby doll
#21 fresh fruit trees in my yard


Jessi said...

Maria, I did jump over to read your guest post, and it was such a blessing to me!

Jolene said...

Read your guest post and want to let you know that you did a great job! Thanks for representing missions so well!

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