Monday, October 24, 2011

bounty hunters in petticoats

so {wink}
this post is for my girls to go back to when someone says how girly they are {or were}
truthfully our life is overflowing with tea parties, dress up, and baby dolls
but, there is a very well balanced assortment of cowgirls, nice lady pirates, and secret spies
Want proof?
For the last two days, my girls have been in a very sincere cowgirl phase
but not just the sweet cowgirls riding the range
nope, they are bounty hunter cowgirls
I blame it on some old black and white western shows we've watched recently
This is the real deal
they have cap guns hid in their {clear throat} petticoats and detailed wanted posters in their saddle bags.
I was impressed that Princess Bounty Hunter Moriah spent so much time drawing clear pictures of the "bad" guys and even how much they'd get for their capture.  Then they keep figuring and refiguring the money totals....welcome to Math class.  The last total was way up there!  Our worries are over.

I asked Alexis what she was carrying in her saddle bag.  She showed me a little gun and a bottle of perfume.  I looked at her curiously and she said. "I squirt the perfume on and say, 'yoooo hooooo' " Then when they get close I shoot them!"  "But don't worry, Mom, these are special bullets that only put them to sleep till we get them to the sheriff."  Wow, they really think this out.

I seriously don't make this stuff up.

count your blessings
#40 kids voices playing sweetly in the other room
#41 fresh avocados from my neighbors tree for lunch
#42 Memaw recovering from surgery


Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! Too cute!

♥ Amy said...

Confession. My kids' favorite movies are the old b&w westerns. Can you say B.O.R.I.N.G.? LOL. And yes, they replay them over and over. At least the good guys always win. :)

Unknown said...

I loved the part about the perfume! They would fit right in with our cowboys! Danny always wants to know, "Is that the good guy or the bad guy?"

Heather said...

I love it! Allie is too funny. I can just hear her saying that!

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