Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas T' Time {#4}

Take the time to challenge today is.....
   about silent and holy

This is hustle bustle time of the year.  Truthfully, I know things are much more laid back on the Island.  Still, it is easy to get caught up in the spinning whirlwind of presents, baking, traveling, etc.  Today, we focused on things silent, still,.....holy.  I want my princesses to understand the holiness of Christmastime.

1. We read the words of some Christmas hymns.  Hymnals are perfect for early readers because they break down the "big" words.
"Silent Night, Holy Night, Son of God, Loves Pure Light....."
"It came upon a midnight clear..

2. We enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.  Very calming with orchestra Christmas music drifting around the room mixed with {salty} sea breeze.
 3. Books...books....Christmas books.    This morning was cloudy, windy, cozy, with a cool 80 degree sea breeze.  Perfect day to read.

On the first day of December I gathered all the children's books that have anything to do with Christmas or snow.  I displayed them all in a basket (in clear view) in the living room.
This morning,  I had the princesses gather on the rug and all I had to do is spread the books out.  Their imaginations were captured. Prince snuggled together on the couch and marveled at the silence.

4. Princess Alexis asked, "Mom, what did Mary do after Jesus was born?"
I replied, "I bet she held him close and rubbed her nose into that squishy soft baby neck.  I think she breathed deep that new baby smell, just like I did with you!"

count your blessings
 #112 little toes in a row
#113 books...shelves and shelves of wonderful books
#114 children's books with pictures that capture their imagination

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