Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holding my nose all the way

This past week has been a whirling mixture of laughter with friends, cleaning up kid messes, deep talks over the kitchen stove, washing the endless loads of dirty clothes made by 6 little ones..... you
(the kids eating their American Christmas Candy Canes
Bella, Eden, Brynlee, Tommy, Alexis)

We've had some dear missionary friends staying with us.  We've only known them since we moved to the Island a little over 2 years ago.  From our first meeting, we've bonded so much with them.  I've always been amazed how easily we become friends with other missionary couples.  The guys share the same hobbies and interests.  Christa and I were American wives raising our children in a foreign country.  Christa had been here for 3 years and I learn ideas and tips from her each time I talk to her.  She instantly became one of dearest friends.  She's been my friend, my confident, my advice giver,  my listening ear.  We have the kind of friendship where you don't have to talk everyday...our husbands and kids keep us too busy for that.  But when we're together we're comfortable and keep talking like we've never been apart.

Monday our husbands took us white water kayaking down a Jamaican river.  Yes, it was cold in that mountain water!  The guys had their own kayak and we didn't come up with the idea....but they joked about racing us.  I'm sure they didn't think that us {simple} females (who had never kayaked on a river before!) could put our minds together, figure out the basic idea of steering, and leave them in the "dust".  I don't think they were ahead of us but a few times.  To be fair they weren't very competitive after they saw us in action.  {wink}  Half-way down to the Sea they had a rope swing and a bank that was about 20 feet tall.  You could climb up and jump off.   Yes, who would willingly do that?  Fly 20  feet through the air into rushing cold water?

I just did it 'cause Christa did.

I was brave till I was on the edge with my dripping water shoes hanging over the crumbling bank.  We agreed to go at the same time one second, then suddenly she said 1-2-3 really quickly and jumps!   I got that jerky-twitchy-fuzzy-brained feeling and quickly jumped before I thought about it!

Holding my nose all the way down!

Great memories.

Their ministry is changing and this was our last few days together.  I'm going to miss her deeply.  I was proud that I didn't let the tears spill out as I gave her one last hug.

count your blessings
#103 talking to someone who can totally relate to you
#104 having someone you can fully trust to watch your kids for a few hours
#105 doing something that you'll remember forever

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