Thursday, December 8, 2011

They're Playing Our Song

I like birthdays... but I don't like birthdays.
To me, it just means time is passing.  Quickly.
My Sweet Baby just turned a year old.
Time passing.
My Little Brynlee, I enjoy you so much.  I remember holding you in the hospital a year ago today and enjoying that sweet baby scent.  I love snuggling my nose in your squishy neck.  Sorry, your sisters had to endure that also.  You were our Christmas baby.  Born during the time of the year when houses are adorned with Christmas lights and churches are singing Christmas hymns.  It was 7 below, in Missouri, on the night before you were born.  A little different then the 81 degree Jamaican breeze blowing in the window right now.
For your older sisters, the special lullaby I sang to them was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Jesus, There's Just Something About That Name".  When you were born I was in extreme Christmas mode.  Daddy and I really love Christmas music and start playing it early and don't stop until New Year's.  So I decided "Silent Night" would be your lullaby.  Right after you were born, you were fussy until I put daddy's iPhone beside you and let it play Christmas Carols.  You settled right down and went to sleep.  Even today, when you're fussy or just want to snuggle I automatically start singing "Silent Night" and you settle down.  It's mommy's "I love you" song.
{Precious Moment} I've been playing Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole Christmas albums for a few weeks now.  Today, I was holding you and spinning around, dramatically singing the old familiar carols.  You were all smiles, as your sisters twirled around being silly.  When Nat King Cole started singing "Silent Night" in his soft mellow voice.  You stopped being silly, looked in my face, and then snuggled close against me.  Darling, they're playing our song.

That is our {special} song....and you noticed.
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart
Thank You, Lord.

count your blessings
#100 my baby's goofy crooked grin
#101 special Christmas items I can reminisce with
#102 the past year of being Brynlee's mama


Jessi said...

Wow! Time sure does fly. Hard to believe she is already a year old. She is adorable in that red Christmas dress.

Jolene said...

Happy Birthday, pretty baby girl!

Lissa said...

Happy Birthday, Brynlee!! That last picture is just too precious!!! :o)

Andie Jaye said...

aww...happy birthday precious girl!! she's such a little doll!

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