Sunday, December 25, 2011

visions of sugar plums?

My little Sugar Plum fairy
Asleep on the couch, Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Prince and the older girls were able to take some little presents to all of our church kids plus some children of a national Pastor who lives about 45 minutes away.

In America, it's really unfathomable to think that there are those
 who receive no present on Christmas.
I truly believe that most Americans are capable of getting matter how small.
Here in Jamaica, it's just not like that.
It broke my heart to see the many (especially children) who were just going without.

Aren't we truly blessed?  
My children received many gifts from us and {friends and family} back home.
Receiving gifts is just natural for us...
it goes unnoticed....unappreciated.

Prince delivered the wrapped packages to their homes...with special instructions to 
"wait for Christmas morning".

I wish I could have shared the joyful and thankful faces that rushed to me Sunday morning,
so very grateful for their little toys.

Merry Christmas.  Thank you, Lord,

count your blessings
#123 a little one who feels comfortable and safe
#124 little girl dress up clothes
#125 being able to share our abundance

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