Saturday, February 25, 2012

{easy, very easy} all-day ballerina bun

"easy"... you have my interest
"very easy" have my attention
"all-day" for my very active 4 year old!?!.....I gotta share this!

I like doing buns in my girl's hair because it keeps it off their neck in the hot climate.
I want to share my little simple trick!
all ready for tea parties on the lawn and climbing trees {sigh}
(this is the best picture I could get as she hurried little princess has a lot to do today!)

have a lovely day, 

psssst.......keep watch for an amazing giveaway to be announced in the next few days!


Jennifer said...

I needed this yesterday! My daughter was begging for a bun to wear to ballet class and I just couldn't get it right. This looks so cute and it looks easy too! Thanks for sharing your tip! I have a party going on and I would love if you linked up!

Shauna K said...

visiting from Days of Chalk and Chocolate party- what a great tutorial!! I could have used this during my 9 years of dance too hehe :P

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