Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monster Trap

Seriously?  We don't believe in monsters.  Any monster talk is frowned upon in our house.  So where they got this concept?   I haven't the faintest idea.  Maybe their imagination is as big as their mother's?
Some pictures don't need any words.  Are you sure you want a peek into our lives today?  Things can get pretty wild around here.  Slip on your flip flops and follow me around for a few minutes...if you can keep up!

{giggles floating down the hall}
Rise and shine, mommy.
It can't be morning already.  I just laid down.
Change a diaper.  Brush some hair.
Water's back on....hallelujah!
"Can you fix me "o-yum?" (oatmeal)
Water and feed the chickens
Sort the gigantic pile of accumulated laundry. {plug nose}
"Mom, can you fix me "o-yum?"
Start the water for oatmeal.
Frown at the dark storm clouds gathering.
Start first load of clothes in defiance.
Stir "o-yum" and brown sugar into water...hand it to happy little camper.
Stare with bored, irritated eyes at the miles and miles of dirty dishes.
Decide to drink a cup of strong coffee.

Feed the dog.
Carry water to the garden.

"Why are you under MY bed?"
"I don't care if that's the only place you can see the glow-in-the-dark beads.  Get out of there!"

"Pick up your's a pig sty in here!"
{whispered} "Moriah, what is a pig sty?"Alexis
"But, mom, we have to leave all the toys on the floor so that the "monsters" will trip if they come in our room!"

Uh, huh.  Last week it was
 "we have to push all the toys under the bed so no bad guys can hide under there."  

"Mom, did I think of that excuse as a kid?"
Wow, it can't be only 8:05 am!

count your blessings
#202 how hilarious clothes makes you smile
#203 a cup of coffee in my I Love Lucy mug
#204 strong laundry soap


Laura Consford said...

Sounds like a typical day around here! I love reading your posts; they make me smile.

Lissa said...

Oh my! Eden's personality reminds me a lot of my Toots. :o)

Andie Jaye said...

sounds like a blissful morning with your girlies... and i love that picture!!! we don't do monsters either, yet Bear has managed to pick it up also. wonder why...

Anonymous said...

So, this may sound completely stupid, but why don't you talk about monsters in your family?

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