Monday, April 2, 2012

the bunny cake

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In a perfect world dirt on clothes would vanish like bubbles, toys would bounce back on their shelf and my oven would automatically produce a savory nutritious meal each evening at 5 o'clock.

Humm.  While we're at a perfect world child game board pieces would be magnetic.
How many times has the Candy Land board been {accidentally} bumped and than no one can agree what color they were on?

How boring life would be huh?  According to my kids, life is more fun when it gets a little messy!
Wow, did we make a mess?  This neon blue icing is permanent....let me tell you!  I remember my mom making a bunny cake when I was a little girl.  Eden and Moriah helped me mix it up and put it into 2 cake circle cake pans.  After it's baked one circle is obviously the head.  The other circle you cut 2 curving lines making the bow tie out of the middle, than the smaller pieces can be arranged like ears.  I love impressing my kids!

Here's a mom tip:  Bite your lip and let them do the decorating.  In my case, I probably couldn't have made it look much better.  When you see them thinking about how to spread the icing, arrange the decorations, and draw the face you realize that this was a big deal.  I could have had the bunny all finished and just showed them, they'd eat it and everyone would be happy.  But they had so much joy over doing it themselves and waiting eagerly for daddy to get home to show him what they "cooked".

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