Friday, April 6, 2012

If I were a kittie cat

(A very irritated little voice rang through the house)  "Moriah!!!!  You are not my bestest friend ever...ever...ever...again!  And I know you can't see me but I'm sticking my tongue out!!!"

(walking through the house singing)
"If I were a kittie cat, I'd thank you Lord, for giving me whi-th-kers!"  (whiskers)

Mom:  "Eden go pick up your room."
Eden:  "I can't."
Mom:  "And why not?"
Eden:  (very matter-of-fact) "My teddy bear is sleeping."

Mrs. Hester (from our home church in Baton Rouge) sent a really cool roll of princess pictures.  The girls LOVE them.  Mrs. Hester is a children's Sunday School teacher so she knows exactly what little kids need.... stuff to make them messy!

 "We" decided to paint outside because I made these "mom, you're so awesome" paint trays.  I never {ever} let a piece of cardboard go to waste.  We save every bit and create something with it, or draw on it, or I use it as a confinement area for Eden's tiny playmobil toys that she loves.

Someone...probably the dog, was carrying their picture inside the house and it accidentally blew flat against the white wall.  Hmm?

Our "adopted" Grandma next door heard the girls and came to talk to them across the yard wall.  When they said they were painting she went and got some more cardboard and had them paint pictures of her.  I really wish I'd got my camera before they took them to her.  Alexis had Grandma doing the splits in the air and she was wearing a big yellow hat.  Moriah spent a lot of time on hers and drew it very meticulously all the way down to her glasses and a long blue dress and shoes.  There was much laughter ringing through the neighborhood when she saw how the girls drew her.  They stayed at her home for a long time and I could hear her singing Sunday School songs with them.


Shelly said...

I love the things you do with and for your girls, Maria. You're doing a great job as a mom, :)

Bethany said...

You're so blessed to have such a neat neighbor!

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