Monday, May 14, 2012

through the bush

Saturday morning brimmed steamy, warm and full of possibilities.

First on the list was my Girl's Only Club in the valley.
In preparation for Mother's Day, we talked about how much our Mommies do for us.  I brought scrapbook paper and stickers and each made fancy "thank you" cards for their mom.  I was impressed with the care and details that each girl took.  We than made sparkly heart shaped brooches to give their mom as a gift.  I gave each girl a small piece of wire and then poured a tray full of bright colored diamond shaped beads.  I showed them how to shape and form them into a dainty little heart shape and we secured the ends and hot glued a nice brooch pin on.  Such care and thought went into each one.  Than we wrapped them up in white tissue paper and tied the top with a bright red polkadot ribbon.  Such a cute little package.  I instructed each girl to hide their card and present and surprise their mommy in the morning.

After delivering the girls home we eat a packed picnic lunch.  We had shaved ham lunch meat sandwiches.  Let me say first off, this is a BIG DEAL.  Lunch meat on the Island is ridiculously expensive.  Unbelievably expensive.  Someday I'll take a picture of the sign in the deli and show you.  You'll gasp. {nodding head}  When Memaw visited a few weeks ago she brought us some in her carry on luggage.  It's been a long time and it's so yummy.  She also brought in Colby Jack cheese (my favorite).  So we parked on a quite shady road and ate our precious sandwiches and munched on some oatmeal cookies the girls and I made the day before.  Along with our cold water bottles we were having a feast.

After lunch, we always walk around for a few hours and visit people.  Passing out information on our church and making friends.  Where our church is located is a very large housing scheme.  The scheme is carved out of a hillside and small valley.  All around the edges are small dwellings that are each unique and individual and getting to these homes is much more primitive.  These homes are creatively constructed and tucked into the lush thick jungle.

Prince decided we'd explore this area today.  So I sent up a thankful prayer that I was wearing my sturdy shoes, swung Brynlee on my back like a little spider monkey and I followed my adventurous husband through the bush!
(Moriah and Daddy)
Yep, this is the road.  Awesome isn't it?  So lush and beautiful.

In about 15 minutes we had a whole onterage of all different age kids following us.  The girls quickly made friends and held hands together as we all walked up the steep mountain and over the sharp loose rocks.  Poor Alexis's flip flop broke on the way up, but she didn't complain and walked the whole way {half} bare footed.  Not exactly the best mountain climbing shoes.
The older kids were a big help.  They could tell us which dwellings were inhabited and which were deserted.  It was sometimes hard to tell.  They told us which paths had a home down them and which yards had mean dogs.  

I love when serving the Lord is adventurous,


Laura Consford said...

I love Colby-Jack cheese too!! Lunch meat is hard to come by here too. The last time we were visiting Ivory Coast, we had ham sandwiches. Danny asked, "Mom, what kind of meat is this?"

alysia3409 said...

Love this post!! Thanks for following the Lord and sharing the gosple, its a joy to read your blog! =D

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