Monday, August 27, 2012

i love to tell the story ..... God gave chickens

This morning I tugged and pulled an old wooden school desk out on the gravel and turned to face them.  Them being all the dark little eager faces (with 4 little white faces mixed in) excited to be in Sunday School.   I perched my every expanding body on the edge desk, dapped the sweat from my face, slipped off my heels, wiggled my swollen toes, and with a smile began our Sunday School theme song "Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me...Me...Me". 

     After the songs I began the exciting Sunday School story for today.  The main man this morning was Job.  Good ole tried and true Job.  It's a fact.  I love get a kick out of telling Bible stories.  I love waving my hands and enlarging my eyes.  It's great.
     I was elaborating the wealth and riches of Job, talking about all the oxen, cows, camels, donkeys, and sheep that he owned.  
One little guy piped up, "and chickens?"
"Yes, he had chickens."
Continuing with the story..... "and just like that {snap} all the animals were dead and gone!  The oxen, cows, camels, donkeys, sheep."
The little guy raised his hand and added, "and the chickens?"
The story of Job continued I'm sure you know it.  "Job was faithful and true to God.  He loved God and God gave Job everything he used to have again.  Kids, oxen, cows, camels, donkeys, and sheep."
I was using a lot of expression and excitement in this part of the story.  The kids were so happy for Job.
When I was reviewing the story and lessons learned from the story I asked, "What did God do for Job?" 
 The same little feller raised his hand and happily proclaimed, "God gave him Chickens!!!"
I couldn't help but laugh and how excited he was about those silly chickens!

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Shelly said...

Kids are so much fun to work with. :)

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