Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vacation Bible School 2012

We were blessed to have a group from one of our supporting churches come visit last week.
5 members of Adelphi Calvary Baptist Church in Runnells, Iowa.

They were amazing.  It was just like having family come visit.
They hit the ground running, starting VBS their first night on the Island after being up since 3am!
I'm so very thankful for all their hard work and the hours of preparation that went into making our Vacation Bible School something really special.

(Pastor Scott)

(Mrs. Lisa running the beaded bracelet table)

(a rain of candy.  HUGE hit with the kids and moms!)

(this little boy's eyes touch my heart)

(this one's mine!)
(we had a candy parade)
(Kirstie doing face painting)
(Mrs. Lisa teaching a lesson in the older girl's class)

(Kileen and Baby Tariq)

We had a total of 80 kids enrolled throughout the week, averaging around 45+ each night.
I really believe that God was glorified and uplifted throughout the week and many, many seeds were planted through Pastor Scott's lessons and the individual class times.
(Mrs. Carol with a teenage girl she was able to lead to the Lord during the week)

Many Jamaican children and teens left knowing that God loves them and that there were people at Valley Baptist Church who thought they were special and important.

Thanks so very much, Mrs. Lisa for letting me borrow some of your pictures.


Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

Beautiful pics! Praise the Lord.

Christina Zimmerman said...

What an awesome time! :) I'm curious tho..how did you get the face paint to stay on in the heat??? lol..when we did it for our bus kid day..it was melting off of their faces! :)

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