Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Give Thanks Table Cloth

(family picture outside my parents house in South Missouri)

For a few years now, we have a paper that we pass around on Thanksgiving.
Everyone writes what they are thankful for and we save it in a Scrapbook.
My Scrapbook...so the rest of the gang don't really get to see it again.

My sister Rachel had this brilliant idea.
She made this {really} really long tablecloth out of good quality material.

A fabric pen was passed around and we all wrote a thankful note and dated it.
The idea is to use the same table cloth every year and add to it!
So fun seeing what everyone wrote and it is special to have it in their handwriting.

Thank you to everyone who have been praying for me and my unborn baby.  The doctor successfully turned him from almost completely breach to in the right position last week.  Now we're patiently waiting our little Christmas present!

p.s. the family picture is all of my sisters and brothers, husbands, and kids except for my sister Rachel's husband who had to work.


Anonymous said...

Maria, What a sweet picture and I love your tummy, too. With the gun over the door it definitely looks like my family's NE Missouri house. Do all of us Missouri girls have relatives with guns over the doors? Thank you for your wonderful posts, and I will be sending jewelry supplies soon. Nancy Carr nancythedove@aol.com

Anonymous said...

So thankful that all is well with the Baby. The "mother" in me checked each day since your original post for an update. Love the Thanksgiving pictures. Isn't it wonderful to enjoy getting together with family! Take care.....from your Sweet Tooth Queen sister

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