Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where's Jesus? Project

I {love} making the Bible come alive and real.  A few days before Easter I helped my kids and my little brothers make this Easter mural.  Everyone was in on the project!
We unrolled a huge roll of white paper across the table.  I sketched the ideas, than assigned projects to each child.  As I did a basic idea of each story the kids looked up the stories about Jesus in the Bible and wrote verses of Scripture off.
 It turned out really long!
We titled our project "Where is Jesus?" With footsteps connecting each scene except for palm branches leading up to the Last Supper.

The first picture is Jesus' birth.  
I did the original sketch to help them but the kids did all the coloring and extra ideas such as animals, details of costumes, weapons for the Roman soldiers, etc. It was fun to see them imagine shepherds and angels out the stable window. 
Next was Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist.  Complete with a little brown turtle watching the activity.
See the water drops when Jesus came out of the water?
Jesus did many miracles and they wanted to draw them all.  I opted for the feeding of the 5,000.  Maybe another time we can do a mural with just miracles!  
The Last Supper with each individual disciple.
They drew goblets and bread on the table. One discussion came up that some of the disciples should be blond, (like us) but the answer was Jewish people aren't blond.
Next, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when he was taken by the Roman soldiers.  Eden drew a nest and birds in one tree.

The sad {but needed} picture was Jesus on the cross.  They added the 2 crosses with the thieves and the sign declaring who He was.
 The last part of our mural was Jesus rising from the grave!!!  Complete with an angel sitting on the rock and sleeping Roman soldier!
very fun, educational project.


JudyZ said...

What a great idea! How fun to have the uncles involved, too! What a blessing to be "home" for the celebration of the Resurrection!

God bless,

♥ Amy said...

I love this idea, Maria, and they did such a GREAT job on it! Thanks for sharing. Thinking of you and praying for you today. I'm sure you are counting down the days.

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