Monday, May 20, 2013

the hardest part

I've said, time and time again, the hardest part is... leaving family and love ones behind.  It is getting even harder as the girls get older and more attached to them.

The tears come.
The {hard to answer} questions come, "When will we see Grandma's house again?"  "Will Papa come to my birthday party?" Hugging everyone goodbye and driving away is hard....really hard.

As I look back in the rear view mirror and see them standing watching us drive away I realize {again} that I have the easy part.
(on my parents front porch right before we drove away in April)
South Missouri

So when you see that Grandparent {or aunt} in your church who sits alone because their children are another continent away....remember.  When you see them look wistfully at the little Sunday School kiddos.....remember.  As you meet your family at that restaurant after Sunday services....remember.

Tell them thank you for their sacrifices.  Even though it is not by their own choices they are sacrificing family dinners, children birthday parties, and holiday traditions.  They are missing the simple things that are part of their grandchildren's lives.  And when they see them again a few more years have slipped away.

Remember them.  Tell them "thank you" for their sacrifice.

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Beth said...

Love this post!

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