Tuesday, July 9, 2013

beads...beads...beads...and a giveaway

When I went back on medical furlough, God placed a thought on my heart.  We had dreams and plans of building a church house of our own when returning to Jamaica and I wanted to help take some of the stress off my husband plus encourage him.  Honestly with lots of little ones at home there isn't a lot of options.  With the help of my close friends and family and especially my m-i-l and sis, Rachel.....we started the Jewels for the Kingdom project.

I beaded for days...weeks...and months straight the entire time I was in the States.  Most nights I would put the kids all to bed and stay burning the midnight oil.
We had meetings all over the midwest and south and each time Prince preached I set up my necklaces for sale.  God blessed.

At the beginning, Prince said set your goal at $3,000.  So I set it at $4,000.  God gave us $5,500 in profits from the necklaces plus donations and love offerings.  All in around 5 months.
When I returned to Jamaica I brought my beads and my excitement for this ministry and my ladies have caught it!  We now have jewelry handmade by them that you can purchase to help build a church for the Christians in Spot Valley!
Check out Mango Marketplace!

We are currently having a giveaway for a beautiful light green bracelet to kick off the sales of their bracelets!
to get in on the bracelet giveaway visit Raising4Princesses on Facebook!

Giveaway ends July 30, 2013 after my kids bedtime!

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Nancy Carr said...

The jewelry is beautiful. You and your family are wonderful blessings.

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