Friday, August 23, 2013

all natural mosquito spray

I live where there is seriously a lot of mosquitos...and this works great.  Honestly...helps repel those pesky little suckers and their friends the gnats.
12 ounce bottle of witch hazel
15 drops of lemon grass oil 
15 drops of citronella oil
10 drops of eucalyptus oil

I love that it doesn't feel oily at all!  Most chemical repellant sprays that you have leave a greasy slick feeling.  This dries quick and my kids love the smell.

I mix it all in the bottle of witch hazel and then shake it very good.  I pour it into my little spray bottle and carry it around with me.  Give it a good shake before you spray it each time because it separates.


Holly Ard said...

Now if only you can keep track of the spray bottle!! :)

Tinyla said...

We will definitely have to try this!!! Thanks! - Tinyla

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