Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what I learned at Vacation Bible School

I'll admit. I'll confess it all.  {I have your attention now...huh?}

In the hours of preparation leading up to VBS this year I was nervous and anxious about how it was all going to work out.

Often I try to do EVERYTHING!   And I expect it to be perfect, by-the-book, out-of-a-magazine in the end.  I don't really like being in charge, I'm just worried that things won't get done properly.  Kinda like cleaning the toilets.  I don't enjoy that job....at all.  But I do it because I want to make sure it is done the right way.

I'm afraid I approached Vacation Bible School the same way.  So many details that had to be perfectly in place.  Here's what I learned from VBS this year.
1. One person can't do everything.  Share the responsibility.  I'm a mama to 5 little ones.  A wife to a messy, busy man.  A housekeeper, cook, and laundry lady.  My husband and kids should never suffer because I (me....me....me) need to do other things.  They are my ministry and my priority.

Just a note: no one suffered except maybe a few extra boloney sandwiches.

One of our sweet ladies asked to help and I gladly split the kids with her.  She taught the smaller ones their lesson and craft and I worked with the older ones.  It was great.  I couldn't have done it without her help.  Other ladies helped keep the kids under control and helped with the snacks and crafts.
It is fun for the young-in's

and the more mature!

2.  You don't have to do it out of a magazine to have a perfect VBS.  Who makes up the rules that you need a puppet show?  A funny skit?  Hot dog snacks cut like octopus?

In the end q-tips dipped in paint amuses all ages!

3. Sometimes people don't know what they can accomplish until they HAVE to.
It is so much easier to set back and let someone else to the work.  This year our members had to step up and help and they did AMAZING.

You know what else?  They asked to help.  Or, they just looked for things to do and did them.  They are awesome.  Our church family is growing closer as a family and it's beautiful.

I ended the week very sweaty, dirty, and greasy from hugging all the little ones.

But I think the kids went home knowing that Jesus LOVES them and the members of Valley Baptist Church do too.  Isn't that the true meaning of VBS?


MrsJohn said...

Perfectly put, Maria! My husband calls it my Martha-Stewart-Complex! And I've noticed that as I step back, our people step in ~ isn't that what this is all about?
Looks like an excellent VBS!!!

HollyAnnPhoto said...

Oh, yes! What a good reminder!

Judy Zander said...

What a blessing! The Lord always provides... and teaches us to trust a long the way!! God bless you!!

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